Altri occhi

(Other eyes)


Video ,duration 4’27”

The inspiration for this video performance is Mr Square, the main character in Flatland by the mathematician Edwin A. Abbott (1838-1926). Mr Square is a  two dimensional creature who lives in a flat world, where the third dimension does not exist, eventually he discovers the three dimensional world. 

In her video performance Finucci will create pulsations along a 20 mt long wall at the Belgrade Progress Gallery, with moving images of her sculptures as seen with Mr Square’s eyes. Square ,due to his inability to perceive the third dimension, has a limited field of vision that merely consists of a narrow strip. The movements that he has to make in order to scan reality, produce a swarming of colors moving both horizontally and vertically like in a dance, however the image is not chaotic, nor entropic but has its own structure, its own syntax.

Unexpectedly this two dimensional way of seeing does not result in a monotonous glance at the world, on the contrary the Artist proves it with rich modulations.